Emotional Affair Recovery 101

Emotional Affair Recovery 101Are you afraid that your wife is involved in an emotional affair?

Perhaps you already know the truth in your gut, but you’d like to learn more about emotional infidelity to confirm your suspicions?

Or maybe your wife is having an emotional affair and you’re struggling to keep your sanity, much less your marriage, on its tracks.

Emotional affairs are the most dangerous type of infidelity for 3 reasons:

First, emotional cheaters don’t realize where the line is between friendship and cheating. Most people don’t realize they’re emotionally entangled in an extramarital relationship until it’s already too late.

Second, the hardest part about forgiving an affair is rebuilding the trust lost through constant deception on the part of your wayward spouse An emotional affair requires at least as much if not more deception than a physical affair, and it has equal capability to ruin the self-esteem of the cheated on spouse.

Third, your wife might refuse to end her emotional affair because to her it’s not cheating unless it’s physical. Many people believe that opposite gender friendships should work the same way when you’re married as when you’re single, and this is a dangerous mindset.


What Is an Emotional Affair? – Learn the definition of emotional infidelity, including the psychological reasons that emotional affairs happen, and a 5 step progression that most of these types of relationships follow.

Emotional Affair Signs – If you’re unsure whether or not your wife is emotionally involved with another man, this article will lay out the most common warning signs to confirm your suspicions.

How to Survive an Emotional Affair – If you know that your wife is in love with another man, this guide will help you survive the pain while working your way towards a happier marriage, or at least a happier life.

How to End an Emotional Affair – This guide is for your wayward wife just as much as it is for you, the betrayed spouse. It will walk you through everything that needs to happen to completely end any emotional affair, no matter how severe.

How to Forgive an Emotional Affair – Learn how to begin moving past the pain and distrust to give your marriage to fighting chance that it deserves. You and your wife can be happy again, and you can still find and enjoy the best marriage of your lives.

Am I Having an Emotional Affair? – This 15 question quiz is to be taken by the potentially wayward spouse, and it is intended to prove whether or not they’re having an emotional affair (if they’re honest).

If your wife is having an emotional affair then it will be heartbreaking, but have hope because your marriage can still recover, and you can still have happiness.

My regular readers of Husband Help Haven know that I believe it’s NEVER too late to save your marriage, and that certainly applies to emotional infidelity.

You certainly don’t have to read every single article in the Emotional Affairs 101 series, but I do hope you will try to learn from the ones that apply to your current marriage relationship.

I may add a couple more articles over time if I feel I’ve left something out, but the course as it stands now should be very helpful.

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