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Find opportunities to save your marriage when all hope seems lost, based on what I've seen get results from other men.

Watch the video above for an overview of Peace & Control, an online course based on the system I've developed after years spent personally helping over 2,500+ men through separation.

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  • Instant life-time access to the Peace & Control online course
  • Based on the step-by-step system I've used over and over to guide men through separation
  • 7 course modules, each with 5-10 video lessons (46 videos total)
  • Downloadable MP3 audios for every lesson to listen on the go
  • Homework assignments to put what you learn into practice
  • Additional lessons added to the course over time based on student feedback (4x new lessons already added as of August, 2020)
  • BONUS: Two private case studies from men who allowed me to share our correspondence throughout their separation.
  • Private students-only Facebook Group to ask questions and get support from me and other students
  • Weekly Q&A calls where I answer student-submitted questions about the course and/or your unique separation
  • Q&A calls will be recorded and available for later viewing... You can even go back and watch Q&A calls from before you joined!

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This course has provided an opportunity for clarity and understanding where I struggled to find any. Stephen is a Godsend when it comes to reminding us of who we can be as men and leaders, why we are in the position that we’re in, and how to get away from making the mistakes that will keep us from becoming the man we can be. Thank you for the help, I’m proud to be a part of the group!


Peace & Control student

If you're going to save your marriage, you need to save yourself first. The Peace and Control course has definitely taught me that and I'm applying the tools and strategies I've learned into saving my marriage and getting through separation. This literally is the only one of kind course you'll find devoted to men going through separation brought on by their wife. And while I'm in the middle of my separation, this course has been such a blessing that no matter the outcome, I can walk away knowing I truly improved myself as a person by using the tools learned from the course.


Peace & Control student

I could not think straight, I was in disbelief, shock, denial, and consumed with fixing my marriage without first understanding why & how this was occurring. I struggled tremendously. The course provided a lot of clarity on why my wife was behaving the way she was, how she was thinking, and what I needed to do in order to understand & therefore handle everything from a much clearer perspective. The course helped me self reflect & work on improving my issues & developing a positive mindset & behaviors to make me a better person, and to be in place to accept & grow.


Peace & Control student

Course Overview

Here you'll find details about what's contained in each module.

Module 1 

Get Your Self-Control Back... And Keep It

In this module, you’ll learn tools to pull out of the emotional spiral and keep yourself in a good place mentally throughout your separation.

This module is first because we can’t make the most of the options available to you if you don’t first have self-control firmly in place.


  • Get Out of Desperation Mode
  • The Let Her Go Mindset
  • Face Your Crisis
  • Accept Your Hard Feelings
  • 11 Tips to Stay Clear-Headed During Separation
  • Success Rates, Timelines & Why They Don’t Matter

The homework assignment at the end of this module will help you find the best tools to keep YOU in control from here on out.

Module 2 

The Man You Want To Be During Separation

This module is where we put your newly regained self-control to work by making sure that you are living up to the man you want to be, in a way that matters to your wife NOW.


  • Making Genuine Self-Improvement During Separation
  • Bad Leadership Archetypes During Separation
  • Getting The Most From Leadership Archetypes
  • The Strong Father
  • The Mystery Man
  • The Loyal Hound
  • Finding The Right Archetype For YOU
  • Create Your Rewards System
  • Combat Insecurity & Build Confidence

Just like Module 1, we'll have a homework assignment at the end of the module to help you put everything into practice.

Module 3 

Figure Out What She Needs To Come Back

This module is where we step into your wife’s shoes to understand what she’s thinking, why she wants out, and what she needs to come back.

We'll look at each of the most common motives for separation, and how they affect your job as the one trying to save the marriage.


  • Why Does Your Wife Want Out
  • Loss of Love Motivates Separation
  • A Midlife Crisis Motivates Separation
  • An Affair Motivates Separation
  • Homework: Map Her Journey

After completing the homework assignment at the end of this module, you’ll know exactly what your wife needs before she will come back.

Module 4 

Start Making Slow & Steady Progress

By now you have self-control in place, you’re making positive changes in yourself, and you understand what your wife needs before she’ll come back.

This is where we finally turn out attention to the strategies that I recommend for men going through separation.


  • My First Response To Each Separation Motive
  • Rebuild Trust 1 Degree At A Time
  • Get Her To Do A Double-Take
  • The Second Thoughts Curve
  • Passing Her Tests With Consistency
  • Getting Through Your Sticking Point

Many of my students have told me that the second lesson in this module is the one that single-handedly changed how they thought about getting their wife back.

Module 5 

Making Smart Decisions Throughout Your Separation

Part of my goal in Peace & Control is to teach you the specific things I’ve seen other men do to save their marriage.

But, you also need to learn how to make your own smart decisions inside your separation.

This module will help you do both.


  • Risk & Reward During Separation
  • What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do
  • High Risk, High Reward Tactics During Separation
  • Extra Ultimatum Tips
  • 9 Conversation Tips During Separation
  • How & When To Write A Meaningful Note
  • Divorce Response Spectrum – What To Do Once Divorce Is On The Table

After this module, you’ll be equipped to make smarter decisions throughout the rest of your separation, no matter how much longer it lasts.

Module 6 

Building Momentum In Reconciliation

What do you do when she starts to show signs of opening back up to the marriage? 

How do you turn a little curiosity about your changes into reignited romantic feelings?

That’s what this module is all about – keeping the momentum going back towards the marriage once you’ve started seeing some progress.


  • Rays of Hope That She’s Coming Back
  • What To Do If She Starts Coming Back
  • 3 Types of Reconciliation
  • Common Pitfalls On The Road Back To A Happy Marriage
  • Future-Proofing Your “New” Marriage

After this module, you’ll feel confident knowing how to turn a few small wins into bigger and bigger wins that together pave the road back to a happy marriage.

Module 7

Getting Through Divorce To A Hopeful Future

I tell my students that this module is mostly optional. If you don’t want to think about divorce at all, you can wait to go through it until you actually feel like you need it.

However, the reality is that divorce is one of only two possible outcomes to your separation. So we need to spend time talking about it.

In this module, we’ll face the hard reality of divorce and you’ll get all the advice given to me by the men who’ve been there before you


  • What Is Guaranteed After Separation?
  • Making A Very Difficult Decision
  • Facing Divorce If Nothing Works
  • What If You’re Not Ready To Give Up?
  • Divorce Advice From Men Who’ve Been Through It

After this module, you’ll be able to keep your peace and control even if things don’t end the way you want.

Key Takeaways
Additional Resources

We will finish the course with a look back at the most important key takeaways to remember as you start implementing everything you learned. 

We'll spend a whole lesson reviewing the course, which also makes a great reminder in the future when you need a little boost of encouragement.

Plus, you'll get access to ongoing, new lessons based on student feedback.

New lessons already created include:

  • How to deal with resentment in a long-lasting separation
  • How to talk to your kids about the separation
  • Parenting tips during separation
  • What I say to help Christian men cope with divorce

Plus, you'll also get access to all previous Q&A calls, case studies from men who've survived separation, MP3 audios for each lesson, and more!

Choose your preferred payment plan below:


The environment of the group was supportive, the modules gave me knowledge, and the help Stephen provides help give me strength to keep going. I confidently moving forward in fighting for my marriage knowing I doing the best anyone could ever do in my situation.


Peace & Control student

Although the next several chapters haven’t been written, and we may divorce, we may not, and Stephen’s guidance has been what has helped me truly keep the possibility of reconciliation a real outcome. I pray my wife will survive her MCL with our family still intact. However, if it doesn’t work, I know the course has helped put me in a position to be a great guy and ready to move forward positively, with a strong and loving heart!


Peace & Control student

The Facebook group in particular has been a huge source of comfort and company. Helping others is great therapy! And good to see I am not the only person going through this.


Peace & Control student


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