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#21. How Much Longer Until She Comes Back?
"Stephen, I know you can't tell me an exact timeframe, but based on your experience, how much longer do you think this separation will last? How long 'til she comes back? How long until she pushes through the divorce?" This is the question we'll be answering on today's episode of the Husband Help Haven Podcast. We'll look at the baseline average length of a separation, then we'll look at seven factors that can influence how much longer you have in yours.
#20. Marcus Farris Shares His Journey Through Separation, Infidelity & Divorce
Not every story has a happy ending. Or maybe, the happy ending isn't always what we believe it will be. That's exactly the case for Marcus Farris, a former Peace & Control student who is now living on the other side of divorce. In today's episode, we sit down to talk honestly about what happened in his marriage, separation and divorce. He bares his heart and shares all his struggles and successes that he experienced on his journey through marriage crisis.
#19 – From Friendship To Attraction Once She’s Started Coming Back
In the last episode, we talked about how to get out of your wife's friend zone when you're early in the separation... But what about when you're beginning to rebuild the marriage on the other side of separation? What do you do when your wife is starting to come back, but can't seem to get those pesky "feelings" back? That's the subject of this week's episode. We'll talk about developing an effective mindset to survive this phase of separation, and what you can do to lead the way from a genuinely renewed friendship with your wife back to a loving, happy marriage.
#18. Stuck In Your Wife’s “Friend Zone”? Here’s What To Do
"Stephen, my wife and I get along great, but she has no attraction to me. I think I'm stuck in[...]
#17. Thankful In No Man’s Land – The Key To Waiting For Your Wife
Thankfulness and marital separation seem like they'd go together about as well as oil and water... What could you possibly have to be thankful for when your life as you knew it has been thrown into upheaval? In this episode, we're going to talk about three things...
#16 – Holidays During Separation – 7 Tips To Make The Most Of Them When Your Wife Wants Out
The holidays can be tricky when you're separated. Made worse by the fact that the new year is often a time where a separated wife may choose to move forward with divorce. In this episode, I'll share the 7 most common pieces of advice that I give men at this time of year. These are tips intended to help you stay stable, focused and confident as you navigate the last weeks of the year.

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