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What Is Husbandly Leadership & Why Should You Care?
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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas When You’re Separated [UPDATED]
With Valentine's Day coming up, I've been getting a lot of questions from separated men who need help navigating the holiday of love. Usually the question goes like this: "My wife and I are separated… What should I do for Valentine’s Day? How do I pick a gift that shows I still care about her and haven’t given up on the marriage, but doesn't pressure or smother her?"
7 In-Depth Ways to Recover After Divorce & Heal (More) Fully
Divorce is one of the most painful experiences any person on this earth will endure. Especially if you’ve given it your all to save the marriage. How do you heal as efficiently as possible after divorce? What if you’re not ready to give up hope on your old marriage? What common pitfalls make divorce recovery more difficult or painful?
4 Goals for Husband Help Haven in 2019
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Review of 2018: How I Scored Myself in 4 Key Areas
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Hi! I'm Stephen, founder of Husband Help Haven. I used to believe that marriage was like the lottery - you either got lucky and won a happy, life-long relationship, or you "lost" and got stuck with divorce.

As I began falling in love with my wife, I realized that "luck" wasn't good enough. I committed to becoming the man she'd stay in love with forever.

My mission on this website is to help you become the best husband, father and leader that you can be, no matter where your marriage is at right now.

Whether you're facing divorce or happily married, you'll learn how to make the most of your circumstances and become the man you know you were meant to be.

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