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#08 – Get Your Wife Back With Friendship

Can friendship pave the way back to a[...]
#07 – Get Your Wife Back With Fatherhood
Learn how stepping up as a father can help rebuild connection in your marriage, even during separation. In part 3 of the Get Your Wife Back With... series, we will examine the role of good parenting and how that can help bridge the gap of separation to find common ground with your wife.
#06 – Get Your Wife Back With Space

In the second episode of our 5-part Get[...]
#05 – Get Your Wife Back With Attraction
The first of a five-part Get Your Wife Back With... series, in this episode we will talk about how to get your wife back with attraction. Attraction - something we talk a lot about here on Husband Help Haven - is the feeling that creates a wanting from your wife for the marriage. Often, it's one of the biggest things missing by the time a marriage hits the point of separation.
#04 – Separation Strategy Part 4 – Rebuilt Trust One Step At A Time
Why is trust the #1 thing we focus on throughout the 3+1 Separation Strategy? Why is trust so important in rebuilding the foundation of a future happy marriage with your wife?
#03 – Separation Strategy Part 3: Show That Man To Your Wife In A Way That Makes Her Life Better
With self-control and self-improvement in place, we begin looking at how you can start showing your wife the man she could have if she stays. The third and final step of the 3+1 Separation Strategy is where we harness the work of the first two steps in a way that begins improving your relationship with your wife.

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