My Wife Is Having An Identity Crisis

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Sometimes the person we’re married to goes through a personal crisis so severe and long-lasting that it eventually spills over into the marriage.

  • Are there times when you don’t recognize the woman that you married?
  • Have you found yourself walking on egg shells around your wife?
  • Does it feel like she has a “Grass is greener” mindset about life outside the marriage?

The two most common types of crises that I’ve observed from the thousands of men I’ve seen go through separation are first, by far, the stock-standard identity crisis, often labelled as a midlife crisis because of when it happens. The second is postpartum depression.

What Happened To The Woman You Married?

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These articles will help you understand if your wife is indeed suffering from a midlife or identity crisis, and if so, how you can support her and give your marriage the best possible chance of survival.

My Stay-at-Home Wife Feels Like She Wasted Her Life (and now she wants out)

Dear Stephen, My wife and I started dating when she was 16 and I was 18. We got married when she was 20 and started our family at a young age. My wife is a great woman and has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 14 years. The problem [...]

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Could It Be Postpartum Depression?

If You Recently Had A Baby...

I wrote these two articles after my wife’s bout with postpartum depression. It was one of the first challenges my wife and I ever faced, and my hope is that these articles will help any man who’s in the same place I was before.