How to Get Your Wife Back After Separation

The 3+1 Separation Strategy to Get Your Wife Back

The 3+1 Separation Strategy is a powerful, simple and actionable outline of the strategy that I’ve seen the most men follow to get their wife back after separation. It’s three steps working towards one goal, all to give you the best chance possible at saving your marriage.

Valentines Day During Separation

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas When You’re Separated

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from separated men who need help navigating the holiday of love. Usually the question goes like this: “My wife and I are separated… What should I do for Valentine’s Day? How do I pick a gift that shows I still care about her and haven’t given up on the marriage, but doesn’t pressure or smother her?”

Husbandly Leadership - Is That Sexist

Is Husbandly Leadership Sexist? 6 Reasons I Confidently Say “No!”

I was a full-time freelance writer when I first started Husband Help Haven. The Haven was a personal passion project that I did not share with potential clients in my writing portfolio. One of my ongoing clients was a woman who owned a marketing agency. We’d met in-person several times (rare when you work online) and …

Is Husbandly Leadership Sexist? 6 Reasons I Confidently Say “No!” Read More »

How to Recover From Divorce

7 In-Depth Ways to Recover After Divorce & Heal (More) Fully

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences any person on this earth will endure. Especially if you’ve given it your all to save the marriage.

How do you heal as efficiently as possible after divorce? What if you’re not ready to give up hope on your old marriage? What common pitfalls make divorce recovery more difficult or painful?

My wife wants to leave after Christmas

My Wife Wants A Divorce After Christmas, What Do I Do?

Did you know that more marriages end after the holidays than any other time of year?

A Christmas divorce is every man’s worst nightmare, and yet many men are already facing the possibility of losing their marriage in the new year. For these men, what was supposed to be a time of family and love has become a time of confusion, pain and depression.

As you continue reading, we’re going to figure out why your wife wants a divorce after Christmas, and what you can do about it.

How To Get The Most Out Of Marriage Counseling

Set These 2 Goals To Get More Out Of Marriage Counseling

Studies show that when both spouses are motivated to go to marriage counseling, the relationship is very likely to improve with the right counselor. This means marriage counseling doesn’t work very well as a last resort, but it is an effective tool for couples who know they need help. By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll feel inspired to commit to marriage counseling, and you’ll know exactly how to get the most relationship improvement possible from each counseling session.

How to Find A Marriage Counselor

How To Find Your Perfect Marriage Counselor

All marriage counselors are not created equal.

If you want a better marriage, you NEED due diligence when choosing a counselor. You can’t afford to pick the wrong counselor because every session counts.

Through my experience talking with 1,700+ men going through separation, I’ve seen a lot of men try marriage counseling. Some had a great experience, others found that counseling only made things worse. Plus, my wife and I did some counseling last year, so I have personal experience with this.

As you continue reading, you’ll find everything I’ve learned about finding a good marriage counselor.

Does Marriage Counseling Work

Does Marriage Counseling Work? Yes, But…

Does marriage counseling work? Yes, but not for everyone. Get detailed marriage counseling success statistics, plus a simple 3-question quiz to show you whether your marriage is one of the ones that counseling can help.

What To Do If Your Wife Has Postpartum Depression

How To Help Your Wife With Postpartum Depression (what I learned)

My wife had postpartum depression, and it was the first time in my marriage that I really felt like a problem was out of my league. I went through so much painful trial and error until we finally saw a counselor who had experience with PPD. Only then was I confident that I was helping my wife survive PPD to the best of my ability. I’d like to help you skip all that… I’m going to teach you everything I wish I’d known when all this started. This post is divided up into two main parts.

Should you move out to give your wife space

Should You Move Out to Give Your Wife Space?

Let’s step away from the divorce strategy talk for a moment. Let’s assume you’ve done your due diligence, you’ve talked to a lawyer, and you’ve done the move out checklist… At the very least, you are prepared for the worst-case scenario. You know the risk. Now let’s talk about the rewards… What are the potential benefits of moving out?

5 Legal Risks of Moving Out During Separation (and how to protect yourself)

There is a reason that most divorce attorneys will tell you to stay in the marital home as long as possible. Moving out can have big consequences in your divorce, which I’ve categorized in 5 key areas. The good news is that if you plan ahead and do things right, you can protect yourself from a lot of these risks. As you continue reading, we’re going to look at each of these areas of risk, and what you need to do to safeguard yourself.

How to get your wife back with no contact

4 Separation Strategies When Your Wife Won’t See You

You’ve made positive changes as a man, and you’re a better husband than the day your wife left. The problem is, your wife can’t see any of it because she won’t see you or communicate with you. And if you do see her, she gives you the cold shoulder. How do you show your wife your changes if you live apart and she won’t communicate?

A Long Overdue Update + New Free Guide

Learn about a new free resource I’ve just published on Husband Help Haven. Plus, get an inside look at what’s been going on behind the scenes in my personal life over the past 7 months; there have been 3 major changes in my family’s life.

Dear Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! I wanted to write you this letter for a couple reasons. First, because it’s Father’s Day and this is a good time to talk about the role you’ve had in my life.
Second, because I finally sent you a copy of MMR a few weeks ago, and I think there are some things that need to be cleared up. Read on to see how you’ve shaped my life.

7 Non-Cliche Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Heard

7 Non-Cliché Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Heard

A wife who does not feel heard will never feel loved. Every wife wants to feel heard. Many times, especially in a purely “loss of love” driven separation, her decision to leave will revolve around her increased belief that she will NEVER be heard inside the marriage. Read on to learn how to start truly hearing your wife.

The Let Her Go to Get Her Back Mindset

What’s the very first thing you MUST do to get your wife back? Let her go. I know, it sounds backwards, but this mindset actually puts you in a win-win position. Read more to learn why you need this mindset and how to start using it in your marriage today.

Separation question survey results

Results from Last Week’s Separation Question Survey

Last week, I asked the husbands Inside the Haven to share their single biggest struggle in their separation. Over 150 men submitted their separation questions. These are the results, organized by topic. See what other men on Husband Help Haven are struggling with too. (most of these will be answered in the separation book)

Why Losing Your Marriage is Just Like Getting Fat

Why Losing Your Marriage is Just Like Getting Fat

I was looking in the mirror this morning and I realized something: I’m getting fat. I’m not saying I need to book two airplane seats or anything. My wife still tells me I’m handsome. The problem is, that always-critical scale tells me I’ve slapped on 45 lbs over the past five years. What’s this have to do with your marriage? Find out below.

My Wife is Always Mean, What Do I Do? (Reader Question)

In this week’s Reader Question, we talk about what to do when your wife is constantly negative, disrespectful and mean to you, even when she has no good reason. You’ll learn two steps you should take, and what your goal should be as a husband when your wife is always mean.

I Caught My Son Looking at Porn

“I Caught My Son Looking at Porn, What Do I Do?”

It’s finally happened… Your son got curious about naked women and searched for dirty pictures online. Maybe you came home to find his search still in the search bar… Maybe you got a surprisingly inappropriate pop up… Maybe you needed to use his laptop or phone and found inappropriate links in his browsing history… Either way, you need to know what to do from here.

Porn Addiction Withdrawal Walkthrough

12-Week Porn Addiction Withdrawal Walkthrough

Knowing what to expect when you’re going through porn addiction withdrawal is crucial to fighting temptation. When you understand what your body is going to throw at you, it’s a lot easier to say, “This is normal and I just have to get through it.”

Porn Addiction Symptoms

Porn Addiction Symptoms – How Porn Morphs Your Brain

Did you know that erectile dysfunction is the most common reason that young men decide to stop looking at porn? And this isn’t any normal ED we’re talking about either… ED from Internet porn addiction is completely untreatable. Learn other surprisingly common porn addiction symptoms here.

Am I Addicted to Porn

The “Am I Addicted to Porn?” Quiz

Being addicted to porn is just like being addicted to drugs or alcohol. So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that most men won’t let themselves admit they’re addicted. Denial is a strong state of mind! Chances are, if you’ve ever actually asked yourself, “Am I addicted to porn,” the answer is probably yes.

Resolve Marriage Problems

The Thanksgiving Dinner Problem & How I Solved It

You can solve marriage problems faster and easier when you use this straightforward three-step thought process to help you make the right decisions. It all started when I got into a fight with my wife this weekend. See how the fight started and what I did to solve it as you continue reading below.

How to Get Your Ex Wife Back

Do you want to know how to get your ex wife back and rebuild your marriage – The right way – From the ground up? Learn 7 rules to follow, here.

Is My Wife Lying to Me?

Is my wife lying to me? Learn why she’s lying, why it’s okay for you to be suspicious, and 5 ways you can catch a lying wife red-handed.

How to Forgive a Cheating Wife

How to Forgive a Cheating Wife

Do you want to know how to forgive a cheating wife when forgiveness seems impossible? Let me take you step by step through what you can do to forgive cheating.

How to Argue With My Wife?

Discover how to argue with your wife in a way that promotes a strong and passionate marriage. Learn the right way to communicate problems with your wife!

Signs of a Cheating Wife

Signs of a Cheating Wife

Discover the top 8 most common signs of a cheating wife; learn exactly what to look for if your wife is having an affair…See if any of these ring a bell!

Why Did My Wife Cheat

Why Did My Wife Cheat on Me?

“Why did my wife cheat on me…If I knew, maybe forgiveness would be easier.” Learn the top 3 reasons why women cheat on their husbands in the 21st century.