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Inside the Haven, you get access to all of the bonus resources I’ve created exclusively for email subscribers.  Chances are you received one of these when you originally subscribed.  Access to ALL of my best free resources to help you be the best husband you can be, no matter what your marriage is like right now.

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From Separated To Reconciled In 7 Steps

9 Essential Traits of a Good Husband eCover SW

9 essential traits for any husband, but especially one who is facing marriage crisis. This is the original subscriber guide from when I started Husband Help Haven, still relevant today.

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Affair Severity Quiz

A quick and simple 13-question quiz that will help you understand how severe your wife's affair is.

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Affair Resilience Quiz

A follow-up for subscribers to help you understand how you can become more resilient to your wife's affair, to get the best possible chance of survival for your marriage.

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Making Sense of Her Midlife Crisis

Making Sense of Her Midlife Crisis Cover

This workbook contains a quiz and strategy guide. You will take the quiz to figure out if your wife is having a midlife crisis and, if so, how extreme it is. Then you’ll get some foundational advice to help you and your marriage survive

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7 Separation Pitfalls that Push Her Away

7 Separation Pitfalls That Push Her Away

The 7 most common mistakes I’ve seen men make during separation. This one has some overlap with the 9 Essential Traits guide (for example, both will tell you not to beg your wife), but is specifically geared for surviving separation.

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The Postpartum Depression Cheat Sheet

The Postpartum Depression Cheat Sheet cover

A quick 6-page cheat sheet that contains the key takeaways for men trying to help their wife with postpartum depression.

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The Official Gift Ideas During Separation Cheat Sheet

The Official Gift Ideas During Separation Cheat Sheet Cover

Another super quick read, this 5-page cheat sheet will help you decide if you should get your wife a gift for any special occasion (e.g. anniversary, birthday, Christmas) and if so, what you should get her.

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Marriage Counseling Alternatives that Work

Marriage Counseling Alternatives Report Cover

My top 4 favorite alternatives to marriage counseling for couples or marriages where counseling is not a good fit. I have two for couples who are working together to save the marriage, and two for a spouse who is alone in trying to rebuild the relationship.

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9 Things Every Wife Needs From Her Husband Workbook

Workbook for 9 Things Every Wife Needs From Her Husband

This 8-page workbook starts you out with a self-assessment quiz to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a husband. Then you’ll learn what you can do to build up your weaknesses!

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The Emotional Affair Quiz

AKA. The "Has my friendship gone too far?" quiz

Exactly what it sounds like -- a quiz to tell you whether you’re having an emotional affair or not. Labeled as the “Has my friendship gone too far?” quiz because, again, it is intended to be taken by the spouse who may be having an emotional affair, but most of the time they won’t label it that way to start.

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The Pre-Move Out Checklist

Pre-Move Out Checklist Bonus Download

Everything you should do before you move out of the marital home. Although you should consult an attorney for legal advice, this checklist will help you protect yourself from some of the biggest risks when a husband leaves the home.

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