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Wait, Do You Want Personal Help With Your Biggest Marriage Challenges?

Let me help you find the best path forward every week on a LIVE Q&A Call.

Plus, get direct help from other men who have been where you are now.

Hello new student!

Before you jump into your new course, watch the video to hear more about the students-only Group Support Package. 

This is for anyone who wants personal help from Stephen, or who would like the support of fellow solo-marriage savers who are (or were) fighting for their marriage alone.

When you add this to your order, you’ll start getting invitation links to the LIVE Group Q&A Calls every week, and you’ll be able to join our private students-only Facebook Group. And while you’re waiting for this week’s call to start, you can browse the full library of Q&A call recordings.

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If you see a ‘Join the Waiting List’ button above, it means the Group Support Package is temporarily closed to new members to keep the weekly Q&A calls to 2-3 hours. Otherwise, we still currently have spots for you – simply click the button to add this to your order!

Group Support Package Includes:

Everything that you need to keep making smart decisions as you fight to save your marriage.

Weekly Answers to your most challenging marriage questions on a LIVE Group Q&A Call

This is where you will get direct advice and feedback from Stephen, every single week, for as long as you need the help.


04 Days :   00 Hours :   28 Minutes :   13 Seconds

Next Friday @ 10:00AM CST

Get the honest advice of other men who’ve been where you are now in the Students-Only Facebook Group

There’s nothing like getting the advice and support of men who’ve faced the exact same challenges you have.

This one-of-a-kind group of men are all passionate about seeing you become your best self and save your marriage… Because they’ve been there too. 

Learn from 100’s of hours of real-life separation advice  inside the Q&A Call Archive

Every Peace & Control Q&A call ever recorded. This is 3+ YEARS’ worth of weekly Q&A calls, each one filled with real men’s stories and questions, complete with in-depth answers from yours truly.

For some of you, this will be the most valuable component of the entire Group Support Package, because you’ll watch enough to see men’s entire stories unfold across the thousands of questions that have been answered on these Q&A calls.

How do the Group Q&A Calls work, exactly?

  • Can you submit your questions ahead of time? Yes! You will find a question submission link on your Peace & Control student dashboard which you can use anytime you think of something for that week’s call.
  • Can you submit questions LIVE on the call? Yes! The live Q&A segment at the end of every call is a perfect place for follow-up questions, or as a back-up submission window in case you missed the cutoff for that week.
  • Group Q&A calls are recorded and uploaded same-day, with timestamps.
  • MP3 Recording + Timestamps + Reference Links included with every week’s Group Q&A Call.
  • Like a mini-coaching session every week – get direct advice to help you through the twists and turns of your unique situation.
  • Get weekly inspiration, hope, advice and community from hearing the challenges and the victories alike of other men facing their own marriage challenges.
  • Access 3+ years of Q&A recordings – as part of the Group Support Package, you’ll also get lifetime access to the entire Q&A Call Archive, including new weekly uploads.
  • Spots may be limited in the future to ensure I can answer every question, every week while providing a safe and supportive environment meant to help you in your hardest moments.

Have any questions at all?

Please don’t hesitate to ask – you can email me at support@husbandhelphaven.com and I’m happy to help you figure it out.