How to Romance Your Wife and Rekindle Your Marriage

How to Romance Your Wife and Rekindle Your Marriage

How to Romance Your WifeDo you want to rekindle the adoration of your wife?

Do you want to find that ‘spark’ that led you and your wife to marry each other in the first place?

Listen, you deserve a wonderful marriage, and even if things aren’t looking so great right now, I promise that you can re-attract your wife to you and make her WANT to come back to a loving marriage.

All it takes is a little bit of effort and a better understanding of how women work and what they respond to.

You see, our goal is NOT to change her mind about you. Rather, our goal is to change our own minds and selves to a state that makes her WANT to change her own.

To put it simply, if you become the man your wife wants to be with, then she will be with you.

Any other man simply will not do.

When your wife naturally wants to be with you, she naturally shows it. She adores you, touches you, talks to you.

Marriage counseling and therapy, long books and seminars, communication and persistence, are NOT the key to a loving wife.

These are marital tactics that are developed by women, for women… Which you would think would make them more successful, but unfortunately the female gender doesn’t really know what they want.

Most women won’t know how to rekindle your marriage or what your wife needs to hear; I’m willing to bet that the majority of information you’ve been told thus far is based on conjecture and theory, not actual successful, happy, fulfilling marriages.

But I’m sure that you already realize that what you’ve been trying to do until now isn’t working, so let’s not dwell on that.

Instead, let’s focus on what WILL get your wife to come running back to you and have her feeling safe, feeling wanted, and feeling loved…

Building ATTRACTION Will Save Your Marriage!

This is the untold secret to rekindling your marriage. Indeed, any relationship could benefit from this knowledge.

  • Women traditionally don’t respond to desperation.
  • Women traditionally don’t respond to “let’s just work at it” or “we just need more intimacy time and date nights”.
  • Women don’t respond to communication, especially if your marriage is in the pits.

In short, what works to keep an already-happy couple’s marriage healthy is not the secret to getting your wife back.

Women respond to one thing and one thing alone… Their own feelings and emotions.

To woo your wife you need to treat your wife in a way that makes her WANT to follow you.

Sound hard?

This actually isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s good for us because now we know exactly how to save your marriage…

We just have to make your wife feel attracted to you again.

“Again?” you ask, “What do you mean ‘again’?”

I mean exactly what I said…

Once upon a time, you had an attraction with your wife that was immensely powerful.

I want you to imagine back to when you and your wife first met…

  • Think about the first time you had a real, long conversation with each other
  • Remember the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you saw her smile and laugh
  • Remember checking her out when she looked away.
  • Imagine the rush of your first time being intimate with each other…The first time you were exposed to her, and how completely absorbed in each other you were

Do you see what I’m talking about now?

Attraction has already paid a visit to your marriage. In fact, it’s waiting right outside the door.

You just have to invite it in again.

How to Romance Your Wife and Finally Rekindle Your Marriage

If you can learn how to unlock the best version of yourself – the version that is fearless, strong and self-confident – then you will catch your wife’s eye once again.

Women have a strong sense of intuition, so if you can truly put your best foot forward then she will pick up on it quickly, and once she does you’re set.

Your job is actually quite easy.

You have only one goal: to rebuild attraction…Heart-throbbing, loins-burning, overwhelming ATTRACTION.

Once she starts feeling wanted, feeling loved, feeling safe and feeling sexy, then she will also FEEL like she wants to be with you.

But you can’t make her feel anything with your words; no matter how many times you say “I love you”, it will always take something more. Communicating your feelings doesn’t make women fall in love.

You need to change your behavior patterns to trigger her feelings and emotions.

In other words, you have to start acting like the kind of husband that all men were meant to be.

By finding that elite version of yourself and learning how to master it (which I’ll talk more about later), you are in effect pouring gasoline on the tiny match that now represents your marriage.

Even if your marriage is barely flickering now, it only takes a little bit of fuel to make things explode into an inferno of love, lust and passion once again. It’s not hard to learn how to rekindle your marriage; once you “get it” things will just sort of flow together. The trick is “getting it”.

I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. I want you to fully understand how to romance your wife even when you’re the only one trying to save your marriage.

There’s a huge difference between romancing your wife when your marriage is swimming strong, and learning how to romance your wife when your marriage is in the pits. It’s 2 different skills, and eventually you’ll need to develop each of them equally.

If you’d like to know more about how to romance your wife, how to rekindle your marriage, or just how to become one of the few happy husbands in America, then you need to make a change to yourself. You need to understand that what everyone is telling you is wrong, and get your wife back by doing the opposite.

Whatever you do, thanks for reading!

With much manly love,
– Stephen

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