9 Meaningful Gift Ideas Your Wife Will Love

by Stephen Waldo

Gift ideas for your wife

Whether you’re having marriage problems or not, I can promise you one thing… Your wife will always appreciate a good gift.

It doesn’t have to be her birthday, it doesn’t be Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to be Christmas… Your wife will love a nice gift anytime, anywhere.

They say that you can’t buy happiness, but I beg to differ. In this article, you’ll discover 9 gift ideas for your wife to help you buy that happiness for your wife.

Obviously, I’m not trying to tell you that money should be the center of your marriage, but I am telling you that a heartfelt gift can go a long way. Never underestimate how meaningful your appreciation is for your wife.

When you practice the 9 essential traits of a good husband, gift-giving is like icing on the cake. And everybody loves icing. In fact, sometimes a little icing makes a bad day feel a lot better, just like a heart-felt gift can help get you and your wife through a period of trouble in your marriage.

I recommend that you start setting aside a “date budget” each month to spend on your wife. It doesn’t have to be much, but giving to your wife should become a regular thing for you… Just as important as paying the bills or making your mortgage payments.

This is one of the best ways to keep a marriage alive and exciting. Happy wife, happy home… Or whatever that saying is.

How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Your Wife

I’ll remind you at the end of the article, but I recommend that you start by picking one gift to give your wife each month. Just try it once and I promise you won’t want to stop; showing your wife that you love her is addicting!

Disclaimer: Not every one of these gift ideas will be a good fit for every man’s wife. As you’re reading, think about what you know your wife likes and adjust your gift choice accordingly.

Gift Idea #1:
Buy Her a Massage or a Day at the Spa

It is a scientifically proven fact that women love to be pampered.

Okay, maybe not scientifically proven, but I do know that rain or snow, day or night, single or married, all women love a little pampering every now and then. And that’s exactly what this gift offers your wife.

Here are a few specific examples:

  • Pay for her to have a day out at the spa, or even just a few hours.
  • Get her a manicure or pedicure; she’ll feel more attractive and be much more relaxed for you at home.
  • Buy her a massage, or you make a date out of it and get a couple’s massage. Massages actually are scientifically proven to release chemicals in the brain that induce relaxation and happiness.

Trust me, the world seems like a happier place after a massage. They’re a great way to give your wife a well-deserved gift of relaxation.

Gift Idea #2:
Give Her an Aromatherapy Bath Kit

Aromatherapy is the art of relaxation through environment, and many women love it. It might seem trivial to us, but a simple bath can become pure bliss with the right ingredients. Plus, this gift is cheaper and more reusable than a day at the spa.

You could buy her any or all of the following:

  • An aromatic set of bath salts (very relaxing)
  • An array of naturally-made soaps and/or candles
  • Extravagant lotions and moisturizers
  • A well-made loofa or some fluffy new towels

If you want to go the extra mile, offer to prepare a bath for her or to shower with her and wash her body… You can make it an intimate experience. Play your cards right and that could easily lead to some bedroom fun-time too.

Your wife NEEDS relaxation. We all do. Giving her either of these first two gifts will let her know that you appreciate how hard she works, and that you’re the kind of husband who repays love with even more love.

Gift Idea #3:
Give Her a Fancy Dinner Out or a Night on the Town

How long has it been since you and your wife had a night out together?

I know that “go on a date” doesn’t sound like much of a tip, but I want you to make this night special by taking her out for no reason other than you love her.

It’s normal in a marriage to reserve those special date nights for special occasions, but not this time. Make a reservation somewhere and surprise your wife with a fancy date. Encourage her to get dressed up, and you should do the same. Have wine with dinner, maybe even accompany it with a small token of your love like a bracelet, necklace or earrings.

The point is that you’re giving your wife a very special night for no special reason. Remember…

“Spontaneity breeds happy marriages”

Gift Idea #4:
Hire a Maid Service

If your wife is a stay-at-home mom, then you can bet your bottom dollar that she spends a TON of time cleaning up the house. If you or your kids are messy, then she’s the one that probably cleans up most of your mess.

Why not let her know you appreciate it by hiring a maid to help with chores and housework?

Trust me, your wife will really appreciate the extra help, and she’ll love how clean your house is after someone else has cleaned it.

Gift Idea #5:
Give Her Shopping Money or a Gift Card to Her Favorite Store

Another way to surprise your wife is to spontaneously give her some of shopping money that she can use any way she pleases. She’ll have fun shopping and it always feels good to buy new things, guilt-free.

And hey, while you’re at it, why not also give her a bit extra to spend on lingerie for the bedroom? It’s okay to give yourself a nice gift too :-)

This might not be the kind of gift that you give her every week or even every month, but every now and then a surprise shopping spree can really give your wife a thrill.

Gift Idea #6:
Hire a Babysitter Just So She Can Get Out of the House

When you have kids at home with your wife, chances are she doesn’t get much alone time.

Does your wife ever complained about feeling trapped at home? Or even if she’s never complained, could you see her enjoying some time to herself, free from responsibility?

Either way, I’m sure your wife will appreciate some extra time to herself, or better yet, some time spent with you. Make room in your budget for a regular babysitter and you and your wife will be free to spend time actually enjoying your marriage and the pleasure of each other’s company.

Gift Idea #7:
Make a Donation in Her Name to Her Favorite Charity Organization

This is a gift that not many men think of, but one that can really touch your wife’s heart.

If your wife has a favorite charity or nonprofit organization, then a great present could be to make a donation in your wife’s name. Many of those charities will dispatch a certificate for donations, which would be the perfect thing to give your wife.

If your wife doesn’t have a favorite charity, you can either pick one on your own, or have a sit down with your wife (maybe over a fancy dinner?) and talk about what charity she’d like to donate money to.

This is a great gift idea because your wife will appreciate your generosity, and she’ll love feeling like her marriage is actually helping the world around you. Countless studies show that giving is one of the secret keys to happiness.

Gift Idea #8:
Take Her on a Road Trip Somewhere She’s Always Wanted to Visit

Does your wife have a dream vacation spot she’s never seen?

Is there some landmark that she’s always wanted to visit, but has never gotten the chance? Maybe something like the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the California redwood forest or Yellowstone National Park? Maybe she’s always wanted to rent a condo on a nearby lake?

Any of these would make a great road trip destination.

A vacation, even if it’s just for the weekend, is a great way to get lots of quality time together with your wife while enjoying new experiences and absorbing the world’s beauty. What could make you feel more at peace?

If you have kids, you could either arrange for a babysitter or take them with you… If you and your wife feel like you need time away from the kids (it’s okay to admit it), don’t hesitate to make arrangements for them to stay. I promise you it will be worth it! Your kids will be okay for a week without you.

Gift Idea #9:
Give Her Comfortable ‘House Clothes’

As I already hit on earlier in this article, anything that improves your wife’s comfort-level will be a gift that she enjoys. You could get her…

  • A Fluffy Bath Robe
  • A Set of Warm PJs (get some matching ones for yourself!)
  • A Pair of Comfortable House Slippers
  • A Pair of Warm, Fuzzy Socks
  • A New Set of Luxurious Sheets
  • An Upgraded Mattress (either bigger or more comfortable)

Each of these are capable of being enjoyed by your wife on a daily basis. Every time she puts on her new bath robe or her new pair of slippers, she’ll be reminded who gave it/them to her and she’ll remember you fondly.

*Bonus* Gift Idea:
The Greatest Gift of All – Give Her Your Time

Ultimately, the very best gift you can give to your wife is simple and free… Your time. Give your wife some of your time each and every day.

  • Play board games together or with family
  • Go see a movie together that you both want to see
  • Spends time just driving around or listening to music together, letting conversation flow naturally
  • Cook a meal together
  • Share a quality bottle of wine together

I recommend that you use one of these gift ideas for your wife at least once a month. By taking the initiative, you can romance your wife and show that you’re serious about fulfilling your duties as a husband.

A happy marriage takes work, commitment and sometimes money, but it’s a myth that all marriages end up stale. You and your wife can have an exciting and fun marriage… Ultimately it comes down to this simple truth:

The more confident your wife is that you love her and take care of her, the more excited she’ll be to spend time with you.

Whatever you decide to do from here, thanks for getting this far and proving that you care about your wife. We have lots of other resources for you here on Husband Help Haven, and I encourage you to have a look through any other articles that you deem interesting.

Much manly love,
– Stephen

Stephen Waldo

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