Peace & Control Students:

Do you want a 1-on-1 strategic coaching call?

What if you could also get weekly support for the next 6 months plus access to a private students-only support group?

Available only to Peace & Control students. This is the best way to get ongoing personal help with your marriage alongside the course.

(this includes the same stuff as the Student Support option for Peace & Control)

What's Included?

  • 75-Minute Strategic Coaching Call
    Tell me your story and I’ll help you figure out the most important things to be working on today.

  • Weekly Live Q&A Call  (6 month invite)
    Once I know your story, I can keep helping you on an ongoing basis via a weekly group Q&A call (via Zoom).

  • Private Support Group (on Facebook)
    Not sure what that text she just sent you means? Now you’ll be able to ask a 1,000+ member group of men who’ve been where you are.

  • Q&A Call Archive (lifetime access)
    This is where you can re-watch the answers you’ve received for your questions.

  • Written Strategic Summary
    Remember what you should be doing, even weeks or months after our call.

  • $50 Off Future 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
    Just in case you still want to meet again after our in-depth strategic coaching call. Whatever my rates are, you’ll get $50 off.

Yes, I want the STUDENT SUPPORT Package ($579)

If you see a ‘Join the Waiting List’ button above, it means the Student Support Package is temporarily closed to new members to ensure the weekly Q&A calls stay around 2-3 hours. Otherwise, we still currently have spots for you – simply click the button to sign up!

Student Support Package Includes:

Everything that you need to keep making smart decisions as you fight to save your marriage.

75-Minute Strategic Coaching Call via Zoom

Let me help you figure out the best approach for your marriage through an extended one-on-one conversation.

This extended session offers us dedicated time to unpack your story. Then, with compassionate guidance and experience-based insights, we'll explore your current situation, identify obstacles, and chart a path forward tailored to your goals. Together, we'll uncover actionable steps to propel you toward greater clarity and confidence.

Weekly Invitation to a LIVE Group Q&A Call for the Next 6 Months

Weekly answers to your most challenging marriage questions on a LIVE group Zoom call

This is where you will get direct advice and feedback from Stephen, every single week... A perfect way to get help implementing the mindset and strategies we develop on our coaching call.

The next Q&A call begins in...

Private Support Group

Join our private  support community of men who have already been where you are now.

Currently hosted on Facebook, this private students-only support group is the perfect place to get in-the-moment feedback on tough conversations or interactions with your wife. These guys have been where you are, and want to see you succeed... Don't be shy!

Q&A Call Archive

Weekly call recordings with timestamps + 100's of hours of real-life separation advice from the past 3+ years

Every Peace & Control Q&A call ever recorded. This is 3+ YEARS' worth of Weekly Q&A Calls, each one filled with real men's stories and questions, complete with in-depth answers from yours truly.

Written Call Summary

Important reminders and key takeaways from our call, provided within 24 hours

Ensure that the valuable insights from our coaching call remain accessible long after our conversation ends. I'll provide you with what I think were the key takeaways, strategies, and ideas discussed during our session. I do my best to use bullet lists to make these summaries easy to read and refer back to. This way, you have something simple and motivating to look back on every time you need a pep up.

$50 Off Future 60-minute Coaching Calls

End up wanting more help? You'll get it at a better rate.

All Student Support Package clients get immediate and unlimited access to a special booking calendar with $50 off my normal coaching rate, which you can see for yourself on this page.

How do the Group Q&A Calls work, exactly?

Once you signup, you will begin receiving weekly invitations to submit a question, join the live call, and then to watch the recording once it's uploaded.

  • Do I have to show my face or reveal my identity?

    No and no. You will submit the question through your student dashboard, then I will read and answer it on that week’s Q&A call. You can submit questions using whatever name you want — most men use First Name + Last Initial (e.g. Stephen W)

  • Can you submit your questions ahead of time? 

    Yes! You will find a question submission link on your Peace & Control student dashboard which you can use anytime you think of something for that week’s call.

  • Can you submit questions LIVE on the call? 

    Yes! The live Q&A segment at the end of every call is a perfect place for follow-up questions, or as a back-up submission window in case you missed the cutoff for that week.

  • Group Q&A calls are recorded and uploaded same-day, with timestamps.

  • MP3 Recording + Timestamps + Reference Links included with every week’s Group Q&A Call.

  • Like a mini-coaching session every week – get direct advice to help you through the twists and turns of your unique situation.

  • Get weekly inspiration, hope, advice and community from hearing the challenges and the victories alike of other men facing their own marriage challenges.

  • Access 3+ years of Q&A recordings – as part of the Student Support Package, you’ll also get lifetime access to the entire Q&A Call Archive, including new weekly uploads.

  • Spots may be limited in the future to ensure I can answer every question, every week while providing a safe and supportive environment meant to help you in your hardest moments.

Have any questions at all?

Please shoot me an email at and I'm happy to help you figure it out.