Your Marriage Savior Review – Both Pros & Cons

by Stephen Waldo

Why I No Longer Recommend Marriage Savior

Update: August, 2019

I no longer recommend this course for anyone. And, as of this writing, the website is down due to an expired SSL certificate… Which generally means the site is no longer being supported by its owner.

Let’s be real – this program was never great. It had some good nuggets interspersed throughout, but you had to wade through a bunch of junk to get them. My suspicion is that this program was created with profits in mind first, and the men it serves second.

Update: November, 2015

For a long time, I only knew of two big-name online resources for men facing separation or divorce – Your Marriage Savior and Marriage Fitness. I’ve recommended YMS in the past, simply because it’s half the price of MF, but it’s always had two major problems:

  1. It’s really heavily focused on sex. Like, to the point that I’d be nervous recommending it to anyone who has a porn problem. The course encourages you to be the stereotypical alpha male.
  2. It just feels a little slimy. The sales page looks and feels like a stereotypical Internet Marketing sales page… I never really felt good about myself promoting this.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find anything better, so when men asked me for a good resource, YMS is what I told them to get, in large part because it was half the price of Marriage Fitness. Plus they had a great affiliate program that, in part, funded the growth of Husband Help Haven to what it is today.

Today, I would never recommend YMS for two reasons.

First, I would recommend my own program, Manly Marriage Revival. Every man I’ve talked to who has bought both YMS and MMR has come back to tell me that they highly prefer MMR. Here’s what Adam had to say when comparing MMR to YMS:

“As a side note, the other system you suggested, Your Marriage Savior, seems too over the top for me because it’s very sexual in nature and to me focuses on having a lack of respect for your wife, which is something that I am not prepared to do in order to save the marriage. I think there is some value in YMS and I could see how it would help some men, but I like the tone of your system better.”

Second, your marriage is priceless, so even though YMS was half the price of MF, paying double for a better program is worth it. Even if you don’t get any of my program, Marriage Fitness or some other respected program is going to be worth the price difference.

The only men I would recommend YMS for are those who literally want to read EVERYTHING they can, no matter the cost and no matter if it’s good or not, simply because they want every little nugget of advice they can get to save their marriage. Or, if a sexually-driven, alpha male style book sounds appealing to you, go crazy, read the rest of this review.

For everyone else, Manly Marriage Revival teaches a more realistic approach to winning back your wife.

I got an email like this a couple weeks ago:

“Hey Stephen,

I’ve got a question for you about the Your Marriage Savior System you talk about on your website.

Does it really work? It feels like I’ve tried everything to get my wife back and nothing’s made a difference, and now I’m desperate to make things work. I found other MSS reviews online, but they all seem fake… Will you please give me an honest review?

Thanks for your time,
– [Name removed]”

Obviously, I took out some of the details, but you get the point. There aren’t any honest Your Marriage Savior reviews online, but that’s going to change as you continue reading.

In this review you’ll get both pros and cons. You’ll learn how YMS helped me better understand women and marriage, and how it’s helped me advise the thousands of men who visit Husband Help Haven each and every month. But, you’ll also learn where the course fails and what you should realistically expect.

Most importantly, I’m going to tell you how and why this against-the-grain men’s marriage course will completely change the way you approach your wife (in a good way).

Enough introduction, let’s start with the pros and cons.

Your Marriage Savior – The Pros:

  • Gives you specific do-this-and-she-will-do-that advice, not just theoretical hearsay.
  • Motivates you to do the “hard stuff” to get your wife back.
  • Specifically, you’ll learn how to “let her go to get her back” without shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Very good for rebuilding lost confidence… He calls this part of the course Reawakening the Lion.
  • Specifically written for men. It’s based on studies of the happiest husbands in America.
  • Seems to have results behind it. You can read the testimonials about 2/3 down this page.

Your Marriage Savior – The Cons:

  • The claimed 24 hour email response is inaccurate
  • The sales page is cheesy and over the top, doesn’t seem realistic
  • Even though YMS lays out a clear road map and includes one-on-one help, it’s still up to YOU to save your marriage.
  • A bit too heavily focused on sex and alpha male-ism for my tastes

Now that you’ve seen the basic pros and cons, let’s get more in-depth.

5 Reasons I Recommend Your Marriage Savior System

Below you’ll learn 5 surprising reasons that I really like Your Marriage Savior System, and why it’s continued to be the #1 course I recommend to all men who Come Inside the Haven.

Reason 1.
Your Marriage Savior is Practical

In other words, what you’ll learn is both specific and actionable. This isn’t hearsay or theory that you’re left to interpret on your own; Michael walks you through each step carefully and deliberately.

If you look at the official Marriage Savior website, you’ll see that the course is divided up into 7 basic components… There are two marriage manuals, two audio CDs, two case-specific manuals and then continued one-on-one email support.

Here are a few examples of the specific problems addressed inside the course:

Common Problem 1.

Every conversation turns into an argument. This is one of the most common problems men contact me with. Michael Cross details how to get around this specific problem in the Case Studies Manual. The example he uses to demonstrate how you can apply leadership to communication is very revealing.

Common Problem 2.

Most men are overly apologetic, making themselves look desperate and weak in front of their wives. I used to think that the solution was to go cold shoulder and avoid any apology at all costs until the marriage was back to normal. But, inside Taming the Lioness, I learned a manlier and more leader-like way to apologize that actually builds attraction.

Common Problem 3.

For men who have low confidence (aka. every man who has ever contacted me), then you’ll find the Peasants Into Kings audio exercises to be extremely beneficial. The first one is about rebuilding self-confidence, and the second one is about fighting your fears.

Obviously, these are just a handful the problems solved throughout the course, hopefully you can start to see what it’s all about.

Reason 2.
Your Marriage Savior is Boldly Masculine

We live in a gender-neutral society. Men today have no idea that leadership is a mandatory part of being a good husband. I’ve talked about this numerous times on Husband Help Haven, and honestly, it’s tragic.

After a couple weeks Inside the Haven, I send all my subscribers an article called Why Your Marriage MUST Be Sexist. The title is mocking the idea that husbandly leadership is considered highly discriminatory and even taboo in today’s “progressive” society.

Your Marriage Savior hammers home the idea that as the man, it’s your responsibility to lead your wife to a happy marriage. That’s something you’re not going to hear from any other marriage book or counselor.

I love that the Marriage Savior System is unashamedly taboo in its advice. Michael isn’t afraid to sound “sexist” because he knows that what’s most important is you building a happy marriage with a loving wife, not living up to cultural norms.

Why would you want to be “normal” in a society with a 50%+ divorce rate?

Reason 3.
Your Marriage Savior is Holistic

Why doesn’t marriage counseling work? As I’ve said before, it’s because most marriage counselors are trained in psychology. They’re trained to look at a problem and analyze what’s causing it. Then, they try to train you to do the same thing.

This is why most marriage counselors’ go-to methods involve conflict resolution, improved communication, and trust exercises. They’re trying to isolate the problem and fix it; they’re problem solving.

Why doesn’t this work?

Because repairing a broken marriage isn’t about fixing problems; it’s about living a solution.

The pillars behind Your Marriage Savior are masculinity, attraction and leadership. When you properly put these pillars into place, all the problems in your marriage will slowly start to solve themselves.

The cold stares from your wife, her readiness to blame you, the complete lack of intimacy, the inability to see eye-to-eye on even the most basic issues… These’ll all become a thing of the past if you can just reignite the ATTRACTION that she once felt for you.

Reason 4.
Your Marriage Savior is Fast

This is sort of an extension of reason #3…

Because Your Marriage Savior isn’t focused on fixing the countless problems looming in the way of a passionate marriage, and is focused on rebuilding the one thing it’s missing, you’re going to see results much faster.

I know plenty of couples who’ve seen a marriage counselor for years without making progress. My own parents are a prime example… They saw multiple counselors and therapists in both group and one-on-one sessions over almost 10 years. But their marriage never improved; it only ever stagnated or decayed.

Conversely, Your Marriage Savior is guaranteed to improve your marriage within 60 days. You may not be totally back to normal in 2 months, but things will be better. You’ll be happier.

Imagine yourself two months from now… You’re living out a happier, more passionate marriage with more self-confidence and a loving, attentive wife.

Is this worth a $197 risk? Because that’s the most that you could possibly lose, and even then, you get the money back if things don’t get better.

Reason 5.
Your Marriage Savior is Proven

There’s only one way that Mr. Cross can offer a 100% guarantee on a $197 course and still make any money:

It works.

Your Marriage Savior boasts a verified 75%+ success rate. Compare that to the 25% success rate of marriage counseling, which is more expensive, non-refundable, and slower to take effect (if it ever takes effect at all).

The “Your Marriage Savior Scam”

If you’ve read any of the other Marriage Savior reviews online, you already know that most of them are bull crap.

If you search for “Your Marriage Savior” or “Your Marriage Savior review” in Google, the first 50+ results are all fake reviews. Every single one of them! These reviews are written solely for the sake of a commission, NOT to help you make a decision about what you’re buying.

This is unfortunate because it puts me in a lose-lose situation. Not only do these fake reviews make Your Marriage Savior look bad, but they make honest guys like me look bad, too. This review alone took me over 3 hours to write, and it’s fully based on my personal experience with the course.

Yes, I do receive a commission if you buy through one of the links on this page, but it’s taken out of Michael’s profits so you don’t pay any extra. And as I hope you can tell, I am NOT a spammer out to make a quick buck.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours and written thousands of words for Husband Help Haven, and on top of that I do my best to personally respond to all emails from my beloved readers. I’ve helped thousands of men through this website, literally.

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people and I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts on marriage, women and relationships. However, the commissions I receive if you buy through my affiliate links are what allow me to put so much time and effort into maintaining this website and helping frustrated men just like you figure out their marriage.

Above all, I hope this honest Marriage Savior review has helped you see whether or not the course is right for you. Either way, please take advantage of all the free marriage advice I have for you here on Husband Help Haven.

With much manly love,
– Stephen

Stephen Waldo

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