#10 – The Separation Roadmap

Over time, I've noticed that there tend to be four major stages between marriage and divorce...

Those four stages of separation are:

  1. She says she wants out
  2. Plans are made to live separately
  3. Someone moves out
  4. Divorce is filed
Today's episode covers these stages in what I call the Separation Roadmap. It is an overview of each one of these stages with answers to a few key questions about each one.

  • What's going through her head?
  • What mistakes do men tend to make at this stage?
  • What have I seen get good results in each stage?
  • What does reconciliation look like if it happens at each stage?
Obviously, every separation is different and sometimes stages get shuffled around or combined, but MOST separations go through at least three of these stages before the divorce is final.

If you want to know a bit more about where your separation is at and get some potential new ideas for creating positive change in your relationship, this episode ought to do both those things for you.