My Wife is Threatening to Leave Me, What Do I Do?

by Stephen Waldo

My Wife is Threatening to Leave Me
My Wife is Threatening to Leave Me, What do I do?

“My wife has threatened to leave me, what do I do? I had no idea things were this bad.

I feel like I have to act now but I have no idea how to change her mind… Please help!”

I saw this message on the forum yesterday, and sadly it’s not at all unusual.

How many times has your wife threatened to leave? If you have no idea what to do, don’t worry… You’re not alone.

When your wife does something like this, suddenly all the problems in your marriage seem a lot more real. Nothing brings to light the stark reality of a broken marriage more clearly than an unhappy wife who has finally had enough.

I won’t beat around the bush – if your wife threatens to leave, then it’s going to be very hard to change her mind and convince her to give your marriage a second chance.

Thankfully, by the time you’ve read this article you’ll know exactly what to do to 180° your marriage. What follows is a series of tips to help you keep a level head during this time of trial.

Tip 1: You Won’t Always Get Your Way

Even if your wife threatens to leave all the time, it’s not too late to save your marriage. However, it’s important to remember that ultimately you cannot force her to change her mind.

This means that not every single man who reads this article will save his marriage… Not because it’s impossible, just because there are factors you can’t control. For example:

  • You might not have enough time to practice what you’re learning here Inside the Haven.
  • Your wife might already be too far gone.
  • There might be an affair you don’t know about.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I don’t want you to inadvertently smother your wife and push her even further away because you “just weren’t trying hard enough”. That’s not what this is about. You need to work smarter, not harder.

I know it’s hard to keep a clear head when your wife’s threatening to leave, but you must keep your cool. That being said…

Tip 2: There’s ALWAYS a Way to Get Your Wife Back

Even if you don’t succeed, the way is there.

As you continue reading this article we’re going to be learning more about how women work and how to convince your wife not to leave. One of the best ways of getting her back is to improve your understanding of the female sex… This will allow you to see exactly what it’ll take to change her mind.

Think of it like this:

At one point you and your wife loved each other enough to get married, so you have a better chance of winning her heart than any other guy. This applies even if there’s another man.

Keep that in mind if your wife is threatening divorce or separation – there’s always a way to get her back.

Tip 3: Don’t Dwell in Regret; Look Forward With Hope

One of the biggest pitfalls I see other husbands in your situation fall into is that they spend too much time dwelling on the problems and mistakes of the past.

Your wife isn’t leaving you because of the past. Your wife wants out of the marriage because of the future!

It is a complete waste of time to worry about or regret things that you’ve done or said in the past. Even if you were wrong, you need to set your sights on an end-goal.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t reflect on your mistakes and learn from them – absolutely! You should! But understand that the past ultimately isn’t going to fix the future.

When your wife threatens to leave, it’s your job to let what you or your wife have done in the past stay in the past; don’t let it keep you from a happy marriage together in the future.

The Secret to Change Your Wife’s Mind and Save Your Marriage

Alright, finally to the good stuff, right? This is where we’ll discuss the practical side of how to act when your wife is threatening divorce.

What can you do to change your wife’s mind about walking out of this marriage? It’s actually pretty simple…

Your only goal is to make your wife WANT to be with you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… ”Duh! Of course I want my wife to want me!”

But hold on a second… This solution isn’t quite as obvious as you might first think. It certainly doesn’t fit within today’s “normal” marriage solutions.

Why? Because focusing on what your wife wants doesn’t limit you to just one marriage problem.

Listen very closely, because this is the most important paragraph in this entire blog post:

When your wife really and truly wants to be with you, all those other smaller marriage problems tend to fix themselves.

If your wife is threatening to leave you, then the only way she’ll stay is if she wants to.

For example:

Do you see? When you get down to brass tacks, focusing on the simple goal of making your wife WANT you is actually something that very few people do. And with divorce rates hovering around 50% in America, I’d say that breaking from the norm isn’t a bad thing to do.

So, that leaves you with just one more question… How do you make sure your wife WANTS to be with you, even after she’s threatened separation or divorce?

Well, this is what I’d like to do for you:

I’ve prepared a free guide that will walk you through everything you need to do to become the type of man your wife WANTS to spend her life with. Check it out:

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Of course, I’ve got tons of other stuff for you to read through, too, if you’re so inclined. Whether you want to get your wife back, prepare for divorce, or learn the best way to show your love, I’ve got you covered on Husband Help Haven.

Whatever you decide to do from here, thanks for reading!

Much Manly Love,
– Stephen

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