#20. Marcus Farris Shares His Journey Through Separation, Infidelity & Divorce

It was a privilege of the highest order to host Marcus on today's podcast. If you like hearing his insights, be sure to check out his new book that goes deep on his journey through divorce. It's called No Less Faithful and you can get his free Love-Loss-Recovery one-week plan at https://www.nolessfaithfulbook.com/

Not every story has a happy ending.

Or maybe, the happy ending isn't always what we believe it will be.

That's exactly the case for Marcus Farris, a former Peace & Control student who is now living on the other side of divorce. In today's episode, we sit down to talk honestly about what happened in his marriage, separation and divorce. He bares his heart and shares all his struggles and successes that he experienced on his journey through marriage crisis.

Even though Marcus didn't end up saving his marriage, he is still every bit a success story in my book. As you listen to his story, you'll see what I mean - he learned the hard way that you can't put your full worth and happiness in the hands of another person. But what came out the other side of that hard lesson is a man who is loving, confident and impactful.

In addition to generally sharing his story, a few specific topics we hit on in our extended conversation include...

  • How did he handle his wife's infidelity? Did he confront the other man?
  • What most helped him survive his marriage crisis?
  • How does he reconcile the reality of his divorce with his belief as a Christian that God is good and hates divorce?