I Cheated on My Wife and She Left Me

by Stephen Waldo

“I cheated on my wife, and now I’m beginning to lose hope that she will ever forgive me for cheating on her…”

I’m sure that when you first decided that you want to save your marriage after cheating, you fantasized and hoped that the moment you displayed any effort, your wife would come running back.

But let me guess – Things didn’t turn out as easily as you thought?

Initially you had hope that she could forgive a man who cheated on his wife, but now you realize that your wife was truly devastated by your infidelity…You realize that it’s actually going to take some work to get her back.

After all, how would you feel if you found she cheated?

As long as you recognize it’ll take work to get her back, you have a chance. You can be one of the few cheaters that can take personal responsibility for your affair and overcome the fear and outrage that’s plaguing your wife at this very moment.

“I Cheated on My Wife, What Now?”

Hopefully, if you’re reading this article you’ve had at least a couple weeks for the news of your affair sink in with your wife, but even if you haven’t hurt your wife with the discovery of infidelity yet, you should still be able to get something from this article.

Your first mission is going to be to get to the point where you and your spouse can even stand to be in the same room without going into the “Command and Conquer” mind set. In other words, you can be reasonable, empathetic, and you both agree that marriage is your end goal, not divorce.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it on the outside, your wife may actually be interested in pursuing a new marriage…Perhaps you get that ‘feeling’ but you can’t seem to turn that ‘feeling’ into a reality?

It’s at this stage that you need to be very cautious moving forward. If you play your cards right, then your wife could be back with you in a matter of weeks, but if you mess up this next part, it could cost you YEARS of work to heal from your infidelity.

“I Cheated on My Wife, How do I Take Personal Responsibility?”

You’re going to have to breach the subject of getting back together. If you’re the one who cheated, it’s only right that you be the one to ask the question.

Don’t try to defend the indefensible.

Don’t be the jerk who gives an excuse for cheating – Just man up to it, accept that there are problems in any marriage and that infidelity is NOT the answer, and commit to rebuilding your marriage with the woman of your dreams.

If you cheated on your wife, you risk rejection. However, I can promise you that this risk will be well worth it in the end.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter: If you want your wife back at all then at some point you’re going to have to make this leap of faith with her. When you and your wife are both ready, then you’ll be able to begin re commitment to the heart of your marriage.

Don’t let your pain or shame stop you from asking your wife for forgiveness. Don’t let your fear stop you, and most importantly don’t let your pride stop you.

Seek mercy, seek justice, and let her know you’re driven to change and rebuild your marriage.

Trust me, things won’t get any worse than the way that they’re looking right now.

Love is always worth it in the end!

“I Cheated on My Wife, but I Believe My Marriage Can be Saved!”

If you believe that your marriage can be saved, and you agree that you’re willing to do everything possible to get your wife back, then it’s time for you to take action.

Click below to find out how you can make sure your wife fully forgives you AND save your marriage:

Attention Unfaithful Husband:
How To Save Your Marriage After Cheating

Whatever you decide to do from here, good luck with your wife…I sincerely hope she doesn’t leave.

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