#09 – Get Your Wife Back With Boundaries

Today we'll be wrapping up the Get Your Wife Back With... series with a look at enforcing boundaries during separation.

Learn how enforcing boundaries can be the thing that sparks your wife to change course and rethink leaving the marriage

Yes, believe it or not, I have seen marriages saved when the husband draws a line and enforces a boundary. The most common way this is done is with an ultimatum... "Do this, or else that will happen." "End the affair, or else I'm moving forward with divorce."

It should come as no surprise that enforcing boundaries is a last resort during separation. And of all the avenues we've presented in this series, this is the only one where YOU are taking back control of the separation. In this episode, you'll learn what boundaries are justifiable to enforce during separation (hint: there's one big one) and how you can go about doing that with the best possible chance of reconciliation.