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  1. I have been reading lots of your posts about marriages in trouble. I have bought “manly separation survival” and completed it and am now working on “manly marriage revival”. I have been so encouraged by the basic concepts that keep repeating themselves throughout all your literature. My wife and I are currently physically separated. 6 weeks. We have had a lot of common marital problems over the years, but in recent years I have become somewhat emotionally and verbally abusive. That is what she says led her to ask me to leave. Our current circumstances seem to line up with the Loss of Love category, but I might just be “hoping” that’s what they line up with. Do you have any resources that deal with how to save a marriage that has had verbal abuse? Or do all these common themes in how to save a marriage still apply?

    1. Don’t currently have any resources specific to marriages that have suffered from verbal abuse, but the basic principles taught throughout Husband Help Haven all still apply. Work on yourself, focus on what you can control, be patient.

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