Open Communication Won’t Save Your Marriage – What?!

Open Communication Won't Save Your MarriageAre you facing marriage problems with your wife?

Is it starting to feel like it’s impossible to get on the same wavelength, emotionally speaking?

Or maybe you feel like no matter what you do, your wife still isn’t satisfied with your marriage.

If any of the above ring true, then this article was written for you. And don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As you continue reading, we’re going to bust one of the most common myths you’ll hear about how to get your wife back.

Can you guess what it is?

The title says it all… [Read more...]

How to Talk To Your Wife When She’s Leaving

How to Talk to Your Wife When Shes LeavingIf you are like most men, then when your wife told you that she wanted to leave, you felt one thing above all:


And yeah, sure, maybe a little bit of anger too. Probably some sadness.

But I’m willing to bet that if you stop for a second to examine yourself (at your own risk!) that you would find that the root of any anger or sadness you’re feeling right now is actually…

Fear. [Read more...]

What’s the Real Reason Your Wife Wants to Leave?

Real Reason Your Wife Wants to Leave“Help! I know my wife wants to leave our marriage, but I don’t know why.

If I knew what the problem was then I could definitely fix it – I’m willing to do anything for my wife!

Everything I’ve tried so far seems like it’s only made things worse. Please help me find out the real reason my wife wants to leave!”

Whether your wife has already told you that she’s tired of the marriage or your can just feel it in your heart, one thing is for sure…

If you’re anything like most men, then your marriage problems have left you wandering helplessly through a confusing storm of emotions with no idea how to move forward, much less how to repair your marriage!

Today I would like to make things clearer for you. [Read more...]

My Wife is Threatening to Leave Me

My Wife is Threatening to Leave Me“My wife has threatened to leave me if things don’t change…I’m completely shocked!

I had no idea things were this bad.

I feel like I have to act now but I have no idea what to do…Please help!”

I saw this message on the forum the other day, and sadly it is not at all unusual.

When your wife has threatened to leave you, suddenly all the problems in your marriage seem a lot more real.

Nothing brings to light the stark reality of a broken marriage more clearly than an unhappy wife who has finally had enough. [Read more...]

What’s the Secret Ingredient for a Happy Marriage?

Leadership.Secret Ingredient for Happy Marriage

Very few will tell you it’s needed for a happy marriage.

Even fewer will tell you that Leadership is the husband’s responsibility.

Yet… it’s likely the only trait that has the power to single-handedly save your relationship with your wife. [Read more...]

How NOT to Save Your Marriage – Don’t Make These Mistakes

How Not to Save Your MarriageMen have bad habits.

Men make mistakes.

No surprises there, right?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen many husbands who could have saved their marriage, but they made one critical mistake that cost them divorce.

As you continue reading this article, I’m going to walk you through five critical mistakes that you absolutely cannot make. [Read more...]

How to Romance Your Wife and Rekindle Your Marriage

How to Romance Your WifeDo you want to rekindle the adoration of your wife?

Do you want to find that ‘spark’ that led you and your wife to marry each other in the first place?

Listen, you deserve a wonderful marriage, and even if things aren’t looking so great right now, I promise that you can re-attract your wife to you and make her WANT to come back to a loving marriage.

All it takes is a little bit of effort and a better understanding of how women work and what they respond to. [Read more...]

How to Get Your Wife Back By Doing the Opposite

How to Get Your Wife BackDid you know that divorce rates today are the highest ever in America?

You’re not the only abandoned husband who wants to learn how to get your wife back…Far from it.

In fact, the percentage of marriages ending in divorce has been steadily increasing for the past 30 years…Only in the last few years are we finally starting to see a plateau.

Do you know what the current % of divorced couples is?

Just take a guess…I dare ya. [Read more...]

How Do I Convince My Wife Not to Leave?

Convince My Wife Not to Leave“How do I convince my wife not to leave me? It seems like everything I do pushes her further away… Please help me change her mind!”

Is your marriage hanging on by a thread?

So far, you’ve always managed to get your wife back. So far.

But every new problem brings you closer and closer to the breaking point. Your marriage is fraying; separation is finally on the horizon.

If your wife has threatened to leave you or, worse, to file for divorce, then this article is for you. [Read more...]

The Secret to Getting Your Wife Back?

If you’ve been reading Husband Help Haven for very long, you already know that common advice for getting your wife back will NOT save your marriage.

If you’re like most men, then everything you’ve tried to get your wife back has been ineffective, or worse, pushed her even further away.

But, while getting your wife back IS your responsibility, your failure isn’t your fault. There’s a reason you can’t get your wife back:

The strategies and techniques that you’ve been taught simply don’t work. In fact, very few men truly understand how women work.

You’ve been told misinformation and theoretical advice that has no ties to real life or your relationship to your wife. In fact, this same misinformation has led to many other abandoned husbands.

So, what’s the secret to getting your wife back? [Read more...]