10 Signs Your Wife Wants a Divorce

Signs Your Wife Wants a Divorce“I think my wife is considering a divorce, but I’m not sure…

What are some common signs my wife wants a divorce?”

Unfortunately, more and more husbands are facing divorce…As of 2012, divorce rates are only now staying the same for the first time in nearly 20 years.

There are more men than ever just like you, wondering whether their wife is planning her exit, if their marriage is standing on its last legs.

Here are 10 of the most common signs your wife wants a divorce.

My goal in this article is to give you a heads up as to your wife’s intentions, to give you insight as to what could be making her want a divorce in the first place.

I don’t want to waste any of your time here, so let’s go ahead and get right into it.

10 Common Signs Your Wife Wants a Divorce

Honestly, there are probably hundreds of signs your wife is preparing for divorce, but I’ve done my best to narrow down to the 10 most common ones that you’re likely to see in your own marriage.

Sign #1.
She’s Spending More Time Away from Home

One of the most obvious of the commons sign that your wife wants divorce is spending more time outside of the house.

Whether she says she wants to clear her head, get some alone time, or just be away from you she will start finding excuses to get out of the house…

  • She’ been working a lot. Extra overtime? Extra shifts? Big projects with impending deadlines (that never seem to finish)?
  • She’ been going out with her girlfriends several times a week. Especially big sign if this is new behavior for her.
  • She takes FOREVER running basic errands. Does a ‘quick stop’ at the store turn into 2 – 3 hours?

Do any of these ring a bell?

Many women deliberately take their time just to be out of the house.

Can you think of a different excuse your wife is using to get out?

Sign #2.
Big Changes in Your Sex Life

Women are deeply emotional beings; there is a very strong connection between their libido and their emotional state.

If you’ve noticed changes in your sex life, either more sex or less, that could be a sign your wife wants divorce.

Especially if you’ve noticed a steep decline in your sex life, your wife is probably feeling an equally steep decline in her feelings for you and the marriage.

Stay alert.

Most of the time more sex isn’t a bad sign, but if she’s involved in an affair that can occasionally be linked to an increased sex drive back home.

Sign #3.
She Never Seems Interested in Intimacy

Intimacy and sex are not the same thing. They both need to be addressed if you’re looking for the most accurate signs that your wife wants a divorce.

Intimacy is a measure of that deep emotional connection that husband has with wife in a healthy married relationship.

  • Do you look at your wife and feel an overwhelming rush of emotion?
  • Do you feel that she has those types of feelings for you?
  • Is your wife satisfied with your love and your love alone?

Think about each of these questions…Would you describe your marriage as intimate?

Do you think that intimacy has started to break away?

Sign #4.
She’s Become Very Critical of You

Does it seem like your wife always has something bad to say about you or to you?

Does it seem like no matter what you do, it’s not enough to stop your wife from saying really mean and hurtful things?

Is it clear that she views you fiercely inferior to herself?

As it gets closer to the date your wife has decided she’s going to leave you by, she will become more and more bitter towards you.

She will verbally degrade your own self esteem, and she won’t hesitate to put you down.

She’ll brush anything you do for her under the rug, choosing instead to focus on something negative about your actions.

Her frustration with the marriage has built up the boiling point, and because she knows that if she’s mean to you it will be easier to confront you about the divorce.

It’s her way of taking control.

Sign #5.
She Seems Constantly Apathetic

Is it a huge struggle to engage your wife in conversation?

Does it seem like she’s nothing more than an empty shell?

More like a piece of furniture than a wife?

Has her trademark phrase become “I don’t care”?

If your wife seems emotionally empty and unable to make any visible effort towards you or your marriage, that’s a good sign divorce is coming soon.

It’s very hard to save a marriage when the only thing you have to talk to is a brick wall.

Sign #6.
She’s Spending a Lot of Time on the Computer

The Information Age has made infidelity easier than ever.

Adult dating sites such as AdultFriendFinder & AshleyMadison, FaceBook, Twitter, and even just plain email have made cheating simple and discrete.

If your wife has been spending a ton of time on the computer lately, it could be because of a number of reasons:

#1. She’s Started Online Dating – Have you heard of Ashley Madison? It’s a website specifically designed to help married men and women find casual partners to hook up with. There are, unfortunately, several other sites like it that make it very, VERY easy for people to organize an affair.These types of affair are difficult to catch, too.
#2. She’s Learning about Divorce - You can learn just about anything on the Internet, and if your wife is spending a lot of time on the computer she could be taking advantage of the many resources available online to prepare for divorce. There’s a good chance she’s pre-educating herself for the coming legal battle, knowing that every little bit counts. Generally, the person who’s better prepared walks away from the divorce with a better deal or settlement.

If you think your wife wants divorce, then you should start looking for divorce advice for husbands.

Why not start with my favorite Men’s Divorce Strategy Guide?

#3. She’s Reconnected with an Old Flame – If your wife has a FaceBook account then she can contact anyone from her past. If there is an ex boyfriend or lover that lives close by, she could reconnect with that person literally any time she wanted to. All it takes is a few clicks and clacks of the keyboard to re-kindle a former relationship, even if she told you she’s just chatting with friends.
#4. She’s Tuning out of the Marriage – As we’ve discussed, apathy is a common preparation tactic for a divorce. Your wife could be using the Internet similar to a TV or running errands constantly…Basically as a way to distract herself from daily life. If she feels there’s no hope of things turning up, this could be a legitimate explanation for her surplus online activity.

As you can see, some of these are worse than others, but no matter how you spin it, a worrisome amount of online activity can be a sign that your wife wants a divorce.

Sign #7.
You’re Fighting More and More Frequently

This sign of divorce is triggered by our base intuition, and it kind of makes us want the same thing (let’s be honest).

Maybe fighting frequently doesn’t make you want divorce, but it does make you think about it and wonder what your wife is thinking, too.

I understand that when your wife is fighting with you it’s hard to think about anything else, so I want you to reflect on these questions…

  1. Can you identify a common theme in your fighting? Anything that seems to be the common cause or trigger?
  2. Is your wife aggressive or passive aggressive when she initiates fights with you? If she’s aggressive, then she is openly attacking you, nagging at you, and degrading you; she’s calling you out. If she’s passive aggressive, then she’s subtly pushing your buttons, making backhanded remarks, and leaving you in corners that make you feel obliged to confront her.
  3. How do the fights usually end? Does one of you leave the house? Does it end with tears or reconciliation? Does it end in the bedroom?
  4. Is there any time of day or week that your wife seems “ready to fight”?
  5. Perhaps the greatest indicator is: Do your fights ever go anywhere?

What do you think?

Does your gut tell you that your wife is fighting for the sake of fighting?

Sign #8.
She Gives Up

Maybe you and your wife have been on the rocks for a while now, but you’ve been working on things and your marital problems have been getting better.

At least, you think so.

Then your wife gives up.

She gives up on counseling or she gives up on dating or she gives up on communication, period (see sign #5).

If your wife has given up on your marriage, it will usually be very clear to you. She will make a point to let you know that she actively does not care and has decided that will be her stance for the foreseeable future…

If this describes your wife, you’ll know what I mean.

Sign #9.
She Says Nothing is Wrong, But You Know She’s Hiding Something

Most of us men have a pretty simple reaction to problems:

We confront them.

If you’ve known your wife for any time at all, you can probably tell when she’s lying. If not, you can probably at least tell how genuine her answer is.

If she answers “yeah, everything’s peachy” and your ‘spidey sense’ is tingling, then there’s almost certainly something going on that she’s not telling you.

I guess my whole point here is – trust your gut.

A lot of men lose confidence when the marriage gets in this state, but don’t ever discredit your own intuition.

Sign #10.
There Was a Big Change in Your Marriage Recently

Sometimes people react badly to change… That’s just a fact of humanity.

If your marriage has gone through a significant change recently, that could be ushering in a new perspective for your wife – One that doesn’t have you in the picture.

How long has it been since any of these have happened:

You or Her Lost a Job – Changes in employment, and therefore money, always leads to new perspectives. The problem is when those new perspectives don’t coincide with your marriage. Losing a job can lead to a loss of confidence from either spouse for either spouse. A huge percentage of marriage problems are money-related.
You Had a New Baby - Bouncy hormones, post partum depression, financial strains that come with a bigger family, the stresses of being a new mom, plus any other marriage problems you’re already having? Yeah, I can see how a new child could lead anyone to consider divorce, even if you already have kids.
You Moved to a New Location – There are new people to meet, new things to do, new affairs to be had. I don’t mean any offense. It could be a bunch of other things, so don’t take this as a sign your wife is cheating, but it’s always a possibility.
She Got a New Job or Has Done Well in Her Career – When people experience success, they occasionally get an inflated ego. Suddenly all the grass seems greener. If your wife has recently done well for herself financially or career-wise, then she may suddenly be reevaluating her priorities.

And that concludes my top 10 most common signs your wife wants a divorce!

You Have 10 Signs Your Wife Wants a Divorce
What Now?

I didn’t write this article so that you can rush off to find your own divorce attorney. I’m not telling you to try and beat her to the punch to file for divorce.

I certainly don’t want to tell you what your wife is thinking; these signs aren’t meant to be set in stone.

Not even close.

What I DID want to do is get you thinking about your marital problems, your wife, and your relationship to her.

I want you to think about why your wife could want to divorce you, and I want you to think about whether or not it’s deserved.

Yes, I know these are tough questions, and there might not be a black and white answer… But I want you to be thinking.

When you think, you learn.

That’s some helpful advice for husbands everywhere.

I know you still have some questions. I have lots of other articles on Husband Help Haven that I’d definitely recommend you take a look through.

I would also recommend – How to Change Your Wife’s Mind About Divorce

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article on the signs your your wife wants a divorce.

I hope it has inspired you to learn more about your marriage and what’s really going on inside of it.

I hope it’s made you want to be a better husband and to change the way your wife feels about divorce.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck!

Thanks for reading!

- Jacob Elichmann

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