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4 Goals for Husband Help Haven in 2019
Happy New Year everyone! Yesterday I shared my 2018 performance review, scoring myself across 4 key areas of my life.[...]
Review of 2018: How I Scored Myself in 4 Key Areas
Featured image: the kids at the birth center with Kalee and I right after Lyon's birth, Oct. 25, 2018 It’s[...]
My Wife Wants A Divorce After Christmas, What Do I Do?
Did you know that more marriages end after the holidays than any other time of year? A Christmas divorce is every man's worst nightmare, and yet many men are already facing the possibility of losing their marriage in the new year. For these men, what was supposed to be a time of family and love has become a time of confusion, pain and depression. As you continue reading, we're going to figure out why your wife wants a divorce after Christmas, and what you can do about it.
Mid-2018 Personal Update: Pregnancy, Foster Care, New Course
Things have been pretty quiet here at Husband Help Haven over the summer, so I figured this was a good[...]
9 Ways to Romance Your Wife & Strengthen Your Marriage
Do you want to know how to romance your wife? Do you want to rekindle your marriage to burn even more passionately than before? Learn what you're doing wrong here!
How Do I Convince My Wife Not to Leave? Here’s A Different Approach…
Are you looking for the exact thing to say to get your wife to stay in the marriage? How do you get her to believe what you already know -- that the marriage can make her happier than divorce, if she would just put in the work with you? Before I tell you the answer, I’d like to ask you a question...

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Hi! I'm Stephen, founder of Husband Help Haven. I used to believe that marriage was like the lottery - you either got lucky and won a happy, life-long relationship, or you "lost" and got stuck with divorce.

As I began falling in love with my wife, I realized that "luck" wasn't good enough. I committed to becoming the man she'd stay in love with forever.

My mission on this website is to help you become the best husband, father and leader that you can be, no matter where your marriage is at right now.

Whether you're facing divorce or happily married, you'll learn how to make the most of your circumstances and become the man you know you were meant to be.

Want to know the whole story? Read more about me here.

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