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2017 in Review – The Hardest Year of My Life
Normally when you read a post like this, you’ll hear about all the awesome things that happened in the past[...]
Should You Move Out to Give Your Wife Space?
Invalid shortcode parametersCommon sense would say that the spouse who wants to separate should be the one to leave. Yet,[...]
5 Legal Risks of Moving Out During Separation (and how to protect yourself)
Invalid shortcode parametersA guy asks me whether he should move out to give his wife space at least a few times[...]
4 Separation Strategies When Your Wife Won’t See You
You’ve made positive changes as a man, and you're a better husband than the day your wife left. The problem is, your wife can't see any of it because she won't see you or communicate with you. And if you do see her, she gives you the cold shoulder. How do you show your wife your changes if you live apart and she won't communicate?
My Wife’s Friends & Family Want Her to Divorce
One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in a separation are friends and family who actively encourage divorce. Here are two things you can do to help your wife tune out the bad influences and start seeing things clearly.
How to Get Out of Your Wife’s “Friend Zone” (after she’s moved out)
My wife asked for a divorce and has moved in with her parents. She says it's because she doesn't love me anymore. She sees me as her best friend and says that's the biggest reason why our sex life became horrible over the past couple years. How do I get out of the "friend zone" and become someone she wants to be intimate with again?

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My mission on this website is to help you become the best husband, father and leader that you can be, no matter where your marriage is at right now.

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