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How To Find Your Perfect Marriage Counselor
All marriage counselors are not created equal. If you want a better marriage, you NEED due diligence when choosing a counselor. You can’t afford to pick the wrong counselor because every session counts. Through my experience talking with 1,700+ men going through separation, I’ve seen a lot of men try marriage counseling. Some had a great experience, others found that counseling only made things worse. Plus, my wife and I did some counseling last year, so I have personal experience with this. As you continue reading, you’ll find everything I’ve learned about finding a good marriage counselor.
Does Marriage Counseling Work? Yes, But…
Does marriage counseling work? Yes, but not for everyone. Get detailed marriage counseling success statistics, plus a simple 3-question quiz to show you whether your marriage is one of the ones that counseling can help.
How To Help Your Wife With Postpartum Depression (what I learned)
My wife had postpartum depression, and it was the first time in my marriage that I really felt like a problem was out of my league. I went through so much painful trial and error until we finally saw a counselor who had experience with PPD. Only then was I confident that I was helping my wife survive PPD to the best of my ability. I'd like to help you skip all that... I'm going to teach you everything I wish I'd known when all this started. This post is divided up into two main parts.
10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas When You’re Separated [UPDATED]
With Valentine's Day coming up, I've been getting a lot of questions from separated men who need help navigating the holiday of love. Usually the question goes like this: "My wife and I are separated… What should I do for Valentine’s Day? How do I pick a gift that shows I still care about her and haven’t given up on the marriage, but doesn't pressure or smother her?"
9 Signs My Wife Had Postpartum Depression (that I wish I’d seen sooner)
I still remember how hard it was. I remember how painful it was for my wife. Those first 14 months of Eden’s life were some of the most difficult months of our lives. My wife was struggling with postpartum depression, but we had no idea. As soon as my wife figured out that she had PPD, it was like a light at the end of the tunnel. We had hope again.
2017 in Review – The Hardest Year of My Life
Normally when you read a post like this, you’ll hear about all the awesome things that happened in the past[...]

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